Planned Giving at St. Mark’s

The forebears of St. Mark’s left us with a legacy of sacrificial giving and careful planning for the future. Over the years, many of our parishioners have included St. Mark’s in their will, to ensure that our parish will continue be a blessing to Barton Hills and South Austin for generations to come. If you are interested in a legacy gift to St. Mark’s, there are several different avenues through which you can do that.

  • The Memorial Fund: Gifts that are given in honor of the deceased are channelled into our Memorial Fund. St. Mark’s draws on the Memorial Fund to pay for those objects which are most precious to us and most central to our worship, such as patens and chalices, altar vestments, and other objects that aid our worship.

  • The Endowment Fund: The St. Mark’s Endowment Fund was established in 1983 by donations given specifically to provide sustaining benefits to St. Mark’s ministry.

  • Clergy Discretionary Funds: St. Mark’s clergy have Discretionary Fund accounts that enable them to respond to immediate and unusual needs in ministry, such as almsgiving. The use of clergy discretionary funds is accountable to the standards outlined in the Clergy Manual of the Diocese of Texas.

If you’re considering a legacy gift and have any questions, please contact our Rector, Fr. Zac Koons.

You can contribute to any of these designated funds by sending a check to the church or by using our giving online feature by clicking the button below and choosing the fund of your choice in the drop-down menu.